Why Do We Need Music?

Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

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From soothing melodies to war songs, mankind relies on music to share the affection. Yet, it is the local music that thrives in a country because the audience knows the thick and thin of what musicians produce. The primary audience of an artist is the local community. If a listener is bilingual, then that song will itself become international. There have always been various types of music in the world. History shows us that nomadic communities learned more about folklore than other travellers. They also took their knowledge of music from land to land and sea to sea, making it international.

We Need Music.

Artists know everything about their own communities, localities, and lifestyles. They also know about their governments, youth, social and economic matters. With all this knowledge and understanding of their own society, they take an opportunity to make a difference for their people. We have an excellent example of the French revolution here. When the first war broke out against monarchists, musicians all over the French lands started producing “music of courage”. Their music delivered the message of bravery and encouragement for the youth. This does not mean that the war was over because of the music produced there. The local music was an important factor during the war and made it possible to win.

The Traditional Music

We see that musicians in different countries produce music and write songs to for youth to achieve better than their precedents. This makes the French revolution music international on its own as it is the music of miserable. To correspond to international music in a sense of the instruments only, then they are everywhere. For instance, musicians use the piano everywhere in the world. They teach it in schools and play in nursery classes. The songs played on a piano are often from a different country, culture, or society.

International popularity charts in a country only reflect how often someone plays a song rather than how much the audience like it. The stats are always skewed. We have the best example here about music produced in China. It is quite simple to ask a question of how much is the Chinese music popular in the US? The answer might be not at all, but what if we raise the same question about New York? We will get better numbers because a significant population of the Chinese people live there.

In The End

It is the traditional music in a country that thrives more than the foreign music because the primary language plays a major role. Local music brings joy to local people. It is hard to understand a song in an unfamiliar language. People prefer to listen to what they can understand. It might feel nice to dance over a foreign hip hop song, but when people get alone, they prefer to listen to a local musician. We need music from local musicians to soothe over feelings.

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