How To Find A Better Morning Routine

It has always been difficult for me to set up a good morning routine. I try my best to follow a planned early morning schedule early, but it is not the case usually.

How To Find A Better Morning Routine on

It takes determination to build new habits. There is one habit that always creates trouble for me, setting up a morning routine. I build a pattern, follow it for a few weeks, and then routine breaks itself. I repeat and try to set up a better morning routine than before. A few weeks later, schedule breaks and I get back to the old habit of staying up late.

Why The Morning Routine Does Not Improve?

I wake up early in the morning these days. I find a mighty fondness for myself whenever I see the sun rising high in the sky. This is not the case every day, though. There are nights when I stay up all the night and then go catch the rising sun. Sometimes I get a full night’s sleeps. These are the only times when I follow the morning routine. Every other type of pattern fails me to see the morning. 🌄

Usually staying up all the night hurts my schedules more than any other sleep pattern because it gets difficult to focus if you do not go to bed all the night. If I go to sleep during the middle of the night, it still helps to follow the morning schedule. I miss a few tasks, though. Let’s say I wanted to read a book in the morning. I would postpone it till the afternoon then. I try my best not to fall asleep after 3 o’clock. This causes sleep disruption at night.

If I take coffee or tea after 6 o’clock, then there is no way for me to fall asleep at night. I go through a full scale sleep deprivation. Two years back in winter, I took 2 mugs of tea with a friend around half-past eight. I went on without sleep for the next 26 hours. I followed the scheduled morning plan that day. It was a win anyway. 🤡

Some Tricks For Better Morning Routines

Whenever I break my morning routine, I apply a few tricks to bring myself back on track. It helps! You might like them some of them.

The above tips come from my personal experiences. These tips work for me and boost my confidence to get back my schedules and plans. Besides the above, it is also your intention. It is all about what you want to do, and what you would choose to do to have a better morning. Ditching old habits and behavior never happens right away. If you change, break, and update scheduled plans, then it is important to understand yourself. 🌞

Outcomes of a Full Night’s Sleep

I prefer to live in a suburban area. This helps me to maintain a better sleep pattern as I grew up in a suburb. It feels classy to me. It also makes me feel closer to nature. The best outcome of getting a full night’s sleep is to get out of bed before sunrise. This leads to getting your things done in the morning. 🌅

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