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This is my related page. I created this uses page to share what technology and stack are in my use currently.

The Tech I Use on

Tech Stack The software that helps me to make more software.
Hardware It needs to be rock solid.
Software How I built this website?

I somehow ended up visiting website, and I liked the idea. Now here is the tech in my use that helps me to get things done. You might like to visit my now page too.

Tech Stack


I like stable and rock solid hardware. The main thing an electronic hardware should have is reliability. I like my existing laptop computer, so I am not changing it for now.

Computers In Use 👨‍💻

Previous Computers 🖥️

Mobile Phone In Use

iTel A25 Pro 2/32GB »» It is 4g, and it does everything I want it to do. I used to like phones when they were more mobile than now. It takes gut to carry a 300 grams phone in your pocket all the day.

Previous Phones 🖁

Other Hardware ⚙️


Software needs to be stable too. What productive work can you do daily with the bleeding edge software if you are not a tester? Try the nightly builds of your favourite file manager. See if you can manage the files to get things done every day. I use Fedora because it makes my life easier.

System Software ⎔

Application Software

⭐ Cover Image: An IBM developer advocate gave me that notepad in a conference.

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