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My name is Abdujabbar Bozdar. Welcome to my website! I am a C programmer. My hobbies are reading books, taking notes in a diary, and going to parks. I am just an ordinary person.

I primarily studied electronics engineering. During the studies, I got the opportunity to learn to code and practice hardware programming. Since then, computer programming has been everything to me. I also like to develop mini web applications using Ruby on Rails for family and friends that are useful for them.

I am fond of the UNIX systems. I have been a Linux user since 2007. Fedora is my primary operating system nowadays, because Fedora makes a programmer’s life easier. It is an operating system of a style that prioritizes both the advanced features and stability at once.

Bozdar desktop running fedora Fedora 39 Running On Lenovo IdeaPad

Although my first ever Linux distribution was Ubuntu (6.06 LTS), its parent company started adding some crooked software in the distribution that did not match with the open source philosophy well. This made me to move away, and it was the right decision. Some of my computers also use Debian and Linux Mint. I prefer Debian on servers.

Besides the above, I like to read poetry and nonfiction books. I also love to read semi-fictional stories inspired by true events.

A photo worth a thousand words!

The worthiness of a photo is just one possibility out of a billion possibilities.

Abdujabbar Bozdar in a Linux workshop Abdujabbar Bozdar / In A Linux Workshop

About The Website

I created this website to share my hobbies, make friends, and improve the writing skills. Therefore, you will find a mix of technical and personal posts here. The engine behind the website is Jekyll, which itself is built using the Ruby language. Jekyll is a static site generator, and it is really a fantastic one among many out there.

What is RadicalBee? Just a nickname, and nothing else!

I designed my website on top of the Tale theme for Jekyll. I used it as a foundation and extended it as it is now. The fabulous designers at Icons8 are behind all the social icons on my website. I use GitLab’s CI/CD pipelines to push my site to the CloudFlare Edges.


I am always reachable via 📬 email, send me one at [email protected]. I reply to all emails. 🤝

Read what I am doing these days, and what tech is in my use.

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