In The Beginning

A 10 bucks web hosting promotion lured me into the world of web development, and I could not resist the temptation.

In The Beginning on

The First Sign Up

Although I created my first website back in 2005, I had not dived into web development and programming until the spring of 2009. I saw an advertisement online while working on a class assignment in the computer lab. It was a $10 web hosting promotion that lured me into the world of web development. I could not resist the temptation and bought whatever that IT company was selling.

I packed my backpack and reached their office in no. The customer support specialist promised that everything would work except server-side code. What else was everything then? He sold me nothing but a simple static website hosting package and one premium mailbox. I did not know what server-side coding looked like in those days.

Unaware of a lot of the nitty-gritty, I agreed and signed up. Only later did I learn that I would need a database if I want to bring my class fellows on board to share the class projects. I wanted to give them a username and password. I was still happy with plain HTML/CSS and some JavaScript because I could publish my CV, random notes, and share my interests. None of my class fellows had a website or an email to write from their domain. The fun began, and I enjoyed the journey to new technologies.

abdu-jabbar-bozdar-first-website This is what my first website looked like / Web Archive

Oh, Billy My Bill!

When the next billing year began, the hosting company asked me to pay for the revised pricing. It was three times higher than the actual payment I made at the time of sign-up. I chose not to renew, and the hosting provider took the website down. My email premium email was gone.

This completely changed my mind about the digital economy. It showed me how simple it could be to lure customers under promotions and then bill them too much for negligible services in the future. In the coming years, I created a few more blogs besides working on commercial projects. None of the personal websites could sustain a life of more than a year or two. Someone I knew hacked the following WordPress blog. He became successful in removing the index file and inserted a custom one for his glory.

The Wayback Machine captured the home pages of almost all blogs. I like Web Archives if it does not reveal personal data. The blog I used to publish between 2012 and 2016 was the best one as I was a member of a few blogging groups on social networks.

abdu-jabbar-bozdar-blog One more blog / Web Archive

Exploitation Will Continue

I created two more websites between 2016 and 2020. One was in family use for emails, which I migrated later and is still up and running. As soon as the other website went down, again someone I knew tried to steal my identity. He still owns the domain and continues abusing it.

Here we are with all the experiences that how was my web development and blogging experience in the beginning. I am publishing all this again today. Let us see how long this website survives. It does not take talent to have a nice blog rather than tenacity. This will be a matter of persistence only. My motivation is to keep publishing blog posts, some essays, and a few technical articles every month. It’s also in my plans to join a writing group or a club again. Only fate can help one to find the best friends.


The only way to have a good blog is to write with utmost determination to share what you know. I am taking a simple strategy this time, and it will be keeping myself busy with writing. Whether it is a life experience or a mere technical trick, I will publish it here. People get stuck often then they search all over the internet to find a solution. My website will help too. I will make sure that I do not complicate myself when I am writing. Nothing changes overnight. Consistency helps to achieve all.

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